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​IMV in the news - No President is Above the Law #CoverUpCaucus Rally in Utica NY on February 19, 2018


Media Advisory for: 2/19/2018                                                                                                                                      February 16, 2018
Contact: indvisiblemohawkvalley@gmail.com

Monday, Feb. 19th: Rally Outside Utica City Court in Utica Accuses Congressperson of
Covering Up Trump-Russia Ties

Local Citizens Urge Rep. Tenney to Quit the #CoverUpCaucus and Protect the Russia Investigation

Utica, NY — On Monday, February 19th, members of Indivisible Mohawk Valley will rally in front of the Utica City Court, demanding that Rep. Claudia Tenney quit the #CoverUpCaucus—the group of congressional Republicans actively undermining special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s potential collusion with Russia—and instead support bipartisan legislation to protect the Russia investigation.
Rally-goers argue that the #CoverUpCaucus is obstructing the investigation by sowing doubt about the legitimacy and independence of the investigation through such actions as promoting the cherry-picked “Nunes memo,” hampering the bipartisan legislation to protect the special counsel from firing by Trump, and deflecting attention from the visible threats Trump poses to American democracy discovered by Muller’s investigation so far.
The event in Utica is one of more than two dozen happening throughout the nation between February 16 and February 25, at which concerned citizens will gather to demand that their congressional representatives stop fighting to protect Donald Trump from this criminal investigation.

WHEN: Presidents’ Day , Feb. 19th. 10:00 AM
WHERE: In front of Utica City Court, 411 Oriskany St. W, Utica, NY 13502


“We want congressional Republicans to stay out of Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation,” said Betsy Briggs of Herkimer, a member of Indivisible Mohawk Valley. “Donald Trump believes that anyone with enough money or power is above the law, and the GOP’s “Cover-Up Caucus” is helping him make that the case. This week, while Rep. Tenney is home on Presidents Day recess, we’re asking her: Are you protecting our democracy, or are you protecting Donald Trump?”
View all of the actions here: www.CoverUpCaucus.com
​In the news - Utica Women's March, Women March in Seneca Falls on January 20, 2018




​IMV in the news - "Thank You" Claudia Tenney Rally/Press Event in New Hartford NY on December 22, 2017

​IMV in the news - #GOPTaxScam Protest in Herkimer NY on December 9, 2017

IMV in the news - Rally to protest #TrumpTaxScam in Oneida NY on December 2, 2017

IMV in the news - Picket outside Congresswoman Tenney's office to protest #TrumpTaxScam, November 16, 2017


IMV in the news - Picket to Protest Congresswoman Tenney's GOP Budget Vote, October 13, 2017

​IMV in the news - Healthcare subcommittee sponsors Single-Payer Health System Forum in Utica, NY on October 1, 2017
The forum was livestreamed and has been saved to the video section of the Forward Mohawk Valley Facebook page.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                           September 19, 2017
​                                                          Concerned Citizens Attend Claudia Tenney's 'Town Hall'
U.S. Representative Claudia Tenney held a ‘Town Hall’ for the express goal of meeting with her constituents in the 22nd District.  In an interview with Utica Observer Dispatch in April she stated, “We’re looking forward to engaging [via a town hall] I can’t wait to do one.”
However, this ‘Town Hall’ was paid for from her re-election funds and had  more of an atmosphere of a campaign event. 
Nevertheless, more than 140 citizens showed up from NY 22 Indivisible grassroots groups to ask questions and to voice their concerns about Tenney’s record of voting on the side of big business and her commitment to the untenable agenda of President Trump.
Attendee Sarah Reeske stated: “Tenney’s vote against the Affordable Care Act represents a betrayal of all of those who need affordable health care.  Tonight she defended that position and it is her constituents who will ultimately be the losers.”
Tenney has consistently claimed that those who have opposed her positions were paid protestors and that she has never previously had a town hall due to death threats.  The attendees tonight put that concern to rest once and for all.  Everyone attended with respect and submitted appropriate questions on cards before the event.
Unfortunately, Tenney remarked sarcastically on some of the questions, and derided members of the media as well as many of her constituents for their heartfelt convictions. 
It is generally accepted knowledge that Tenney scheduled her ‘Town Hall’ in Camden instead of a more central location in order to discourage attendance.  However, attendees drove hours to attend including Tenney's residents of Binghamton, Cortland and many small towns in Madison County.
"I was disappointed that she said things that were lies but we had no chance to follow up and correct her," said Matt Wahila who drove 2 1/2 hours from Endwell, NY. 
Many members of Indivisible Mohawk Valley who attended expressed interest in seeing Rep. Tenney hold a true town hall where there could be a dialogue with her constituents rather than a monologue.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________NY22 Indivisible Grassroot Groups Attend Claudia Tenney's First 'Town Hall, ' September 19, 2017





​IMV members respond in support of DACA - Rally at Oneida Square, Utica NY, September 5, 2017


​IMV in the news - Care for All Demonstration outside the Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York office in Utica, NY, August 28, 2017


​IMV in the news - Stand Against White Supremacy! Rally at the Christopher Columbus statue on the Memorial Parkway in Utica NY, August18, 2017


​​​IMV members respond to a call for racial justice - Justice for Qasir Vigil in Utica NY, August 17, 2017



IMV in the news - Utica Observer Dispatch and WKTV - No Hate Here / Indivisible Against White Supremacy Solidarity Rally, August 13, 2017



IMV in the news - The Oneida Daily Dispatch August 2, 2017 Care For All #3 Demonstration

Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                      1 August 2017  

​                                                           Tenney a No-Show for Walmart visit in Oneida today
                                                                           Local citizens wait in heat of the day
After confirming a long-planned tour of the Walmart Superstore in Oneida, Rep. Claudia Tenney did not appear for the event today.  A peaceful and silent demonstration by members of local grassroots groups was held in Tenney's absence.   "We have to wonder whether she cancelled because she doesn't have the courage to drive past a few peaceful citizens standing silently at a distance of more than 500 feet," said Sarah Reeske, one of the demonstrators. "Sadly, her failure to show up also disrespects the employees at Walmart who planned for and coordinated her meeting."
About 50 of Tenney's constituents stood in front of the store  on a hot afternoon, with signs such as "Healthcare for All, "We want living wage jobs," and "Tenney: Listen to Us."  The demonstrators included members of Indivisible Mohawk Valley, Oneida Call to Action, and other Madison County grassroots groups.  Their goal was to remind Rep. Tenney who she represents and encourage her to pay attention to their concerns about jobs, health care, and education for all in her district. 
Indivisible Mohawk Valley, along with other similar groups across the country, is responsible for the final demise of the so-called ‘skinny amendment’ to the Affordable Care Act which would have left millions of people without adequate health care, many of them in NY22 where nearly a dozen health care facilities would have lost critical funding.  Medicaid would have been effectively repealed if this bill had passed.  80% of Americans and the majority of our U.S. Senators agreed that this must not happen.  
Now another crisis is facing the upstate New York communities in the form of President’s Trump’s proposed federal budget. "Education, job training, transportation, adequate housing options, and affordable child care are the key foundations for job creation and economic growth, and all are threatened by the current proposed budget," said Jen DeWeerth, a member of Indivisible Mohawk Valley.  "Instead of supporting these needs, Rep. Tenney has voted to remove clean water, consumer, and internet privacy protections, and has aligned herself with the interests of the big banks and other corporations that contribute big money to her campaign."
Indivisible Mohawk Valley will continue to stand up to Tenney’s political agenda in Washington, an agenda which does not support  economic opportunity, health care and job training for all in our region.  The question is, will Claudia Tenney listen to her constituents, or will she continue to vote lockstep with a President who thinks all of us in central New York ought to abandon our homes and families and move elsewhere?  
Webpage: indivisiblemv.com Twitter: IndivisbleMV
Hashtag: ​#OneTermTenney, #ClaudiaNoShow, #CareForAll, #ClaudiaNoCare
Media Advisory                                                                                                                                   For Immediate release July 31, 2017

Local citizens plan a third silent “Care for All” demonstration

Representative Claudia Tenney will be touring the Walmart Supercenter in Oneida on Tuesday, August 1.  Since she has been relectant to schedule a face to face town hall with her constituents, her constituents are taking their message to her.
There will be a peaceful demonstration utside of the Walmart on that date, 3:15 to 5:3 pm, to express the area's support for an agenda which includes job creation, a living wage for all, and economic justice.  These common sense demands are under assault by the President's budget, which Representative Tenney supports.
Alll who feel that "Care for All" is a message worth sending to our Representative in Congress are encouraged to attend.  This grass-roots rally will be silent, with participants wearing black.

What: A grass-roots demonstration in support of the values of our families, friends, and neighbors

Where: 2024 Genesee Street, in front of the Walmart Supercenter in Oneida, NY

When: Tuesday, August 1, 3:15 pm- 5:30 pm

Who: Representative Tenney’s constituents who are concerned about her refusal to meet with her constituents in a community forum, her failure to support the creation of living wage jobs, and her efforts to take away health care and Medicaid needed by many local workers.

Contact: Jen DeWeerth
Contact: Sarah Reeske
​Hashtag: ​#CareForAll; #OneTermTenney; #IndivisibleMohawkValley
​IMV in the news - Utica Observer Dispatch and WKTV July 26, 2017 Protest Against Trump's Transgender Military Ban


News Advisory -                                                                                                                             For Immediate Release: July 25, 2017
Contact: Jen DeWeerth or Sarah Reeske

​Emergency National Protests Opposing Mueller Firing

What will happen if Mueller is fired?

As the nation speculates whether or not Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be fired, activists across the country are gearing up for a nationwide response. Upstate New York is no different. Local organizers are already making contingency plans for protests in the Mohawk Valley.

If Mueller is fired before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, organized protests will ensue beginning at 5:00 p.m. local time. If he is fired after 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, organized protests will ensue at 12:00 Noon local time.

WHAT: Protest Opposing Mueller Firing

WHO: Indivisible Mohawk Valley and CNY Citizens in Action. Contact: Jen DeWeerth

WHERE: New Hartford Consumer Square, 4765 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

HASHTAG: #NotAboveTheLaw

A protest advisory will be sent day of with additional details, including a timeline of events regarding the Russian Investigation.

“Only a thorough investigation with full and truthful answers can ensure that the security of our election system will not be compromised in future elections. We implore Representative Claudia Tenney, and Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer to do everything in their power to prevent President Donald Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller,” said Emerita Pizarro, a local pediatrician and member of Indivisible Mohawk Valley. Kathy Collett, also of Indivisible Mohawk Valley, added, “Allowing Mueller to conduct the investigation free from interference will give Americans the truth they deserve. Robert Mueller's firing, however, would be an assault on the rule of law at the foundation of our democracy."
Media Advisory -                                                                                                                         For Release: Immediate - May 31, 2017
Contact: Sarah Reeske and Jen DeWeerth, Organizers 

​Indivisible Mohawk Valley Holds Local March for Truth Rally

New Hartford, NY

WHAT: #March For Truth Rally

WHERE: Commercial Drive in front of Consumer Square, New Hartford, NY

WHEN: Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 12:00pm-1:30pm

On June 3, 2017, concerned citizens from across the Mohawk Valley will demonstrate to call for urgent, transparent, and impartial investigations into Russian interference in the U.S. election and ties to the Trump administration. The local rally is organized by Indivisible Mohawk Valley and co-sponsored by CNY Citizens in Action in solidarity with marches and rallies in more than 100 cities across the nation.
For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                     May 19, 2017

​​Local Citizens Plan Counter-demonstration to Rep. Tenney's Fundraiser

Representative Claudia Tenney, of NY’s 22nd Congressional District will hold a fundraiser at the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. on Monday, May 22nd. Minimum for entry to the event is $500 with a suggested donation to her campaign of $5000 per person. Those elites who can afford the steep price of the ticket will have the opportunity to have their concerns heard by the Congresswoman. And this fundraiser, advertised as “Women’s Tea with Tenney at Trump,” will put money directly into the pocket of President Trump, as Tenney has chosen his Washington D.C. hotel as the venue for her fundraiser. This is the same hotel that has repeatedly implicated the President in likely violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits a sitting President from taking payments from foreign governments.

Again and again, Tenney has placed the priorities of the President and other wealthy corporate interests over her own constituents. Holding her fundraiser in his hotel, and lining his pockets, is just one more way in which she demonstrates her loyalty to him. She has repeatedly underscored her devotion to the President by appearing by his side in public ceremonies, and voting 100% in line with his extreme agenda. Tenney is clearly positioning herself as a member of the Washington elite.  And she is consistently refusing to ally herself with the working Americans who live in her district. Tenney is out of touch with those she has sworn to serve.

In response to this elitist Trump Hotel, local citizens will stage a “Tenney Out of Touch” rally at her local office at the same time that she entertains her wealthy donors in Washington. Tenney has time for a high tea with the political and corporate elite, but not the courage to face her constituents in her own district with a Town Hall. While she is serving tea to her wealthy donors in Donald Trump’s luxury hotel, local citizens will gather to enjoy pizza, tomato pie, and lemonade free of charge and all are welcome.   

What: Tenney Out of Touch Rally
Where: In front of Tenney’s New Hartford Office, 555 French Road
When: Monday, May 22, 5:30 – 6:30pm
Who: Local citizens who are opposed to Rep. Tenney holding her fundraiser at Trump’s hotel

Contact: Jen DeWeerth
Contact: Sarah Reeske
For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                     May 10, 2017

​Local Citizens Plan Another Silent "Care for All" Demonstration

On Friday, April 28th, a “Care for All” demonstration drew 125 citizens from local grassroots groups outside Cavallo’s restaurant in New Hartford. Inside, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney attended a “Deplora-Ball” fundraiser celebrating President Trump’s first 100 days in office. Outside, the demonstrators dressed in black and wore signs expressing their concerns about her recent votes to allow industry to pollute rivers and streams, and to sacrifice her constituents' privacy on the internet in favor of big money lobbyists and corporations.

Congresswoman Tenney continues to refuse to hold a Town Hall anywhere in her district, NY-22. She is unwilling to listen to all of the concerns of those she was elected to represent.  She does, however, have time to attend a breakfast sponsored by a professional association of realtors at Hart's Hill Inn in New Hartford on Clinton Street on Friday, May 12th.  Since she refuses to meet with her constituents in a Town Hall, her constituents are coming to her.  Constituents from her district will demonstrate outside the facility from 7:30 am-9:00 am, again wearing black and again remaining silent. The goal of the demonstration is to express disappointment that Congresswoman Tenney put the health care of nearly 300,000 of her constituents at risk when she voted for the American Health Care Act last week.  The demonstrators consider "Care For All" to be a non-negotiable priority in NY-22. It is increasingly clear that Congresswoman Tenney does not share this value with us, her constituents. Demonstrators will communicate their disappointment to their Congresswoman, whether she is willing to listen or not.

Demonstrators will also bring donations to benefit the CNY Veterans Outreach Center of Utica (http://cnyvoc.org).  Members of the community are welcome to show that they "Care for All" by coming to observe the demonstration and bringing monetary donations, shelf-stable food, clothing, or household items for the CNY Veterans Outreach. 100% of these donations will go directly to veteran services.
#CareforAll asks:  If Claudia Tenney has voted to allow industry to pollute our Mohawk Valley waterways, take away our internet privacy, and remove patient protections for people with pre-existing conditions in order to provide a tax cut to the ultra-wealthy and serve corporate interests, what is she willing to do to her constituents next?

What: A grass-roots demonstration in support of the values of our families, friends, and neighbors
Where: Hart’s Hill Inn in New Hartford, NY
When: Friday, May 12th, 7:30 – 9am
Who: Representative Tenney’s constituents who are concerned about her refusal to meet with her constituents, and who are also concerned about refugees, health care, climate change, Russian interference with our democratic process, racial and sexual justice, and many other issues.

Contact: Jen DeWeerth
Contact: Sarah Reeske
For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                    April 27, 2017

​Local Citizens Plan Silent Counter Demonstration at Tenney's Deplora-Balll

Representative Claudia Tenney has refused to hold a public Town Hall on the grounds that such an event poses a security risk to her. Nonetheless, Representative Tenney and her supporters will be celebrating President Trump’s first 100 days in office in a New Hartford bar on Friday, April 28th. This event, to be held at Cavallo’s bar and restaurant in the village of New Hartford, has been dubbed the “Deplora-Ball”. This “Deplora-ball” is meant to celebrate the Trump Administration’s first 100 days, during which this administration has attempted to bar entry to refugees on the basis of religion, undermine healthcare, undo decades of environmental progress, enrich the wealthy through tax cuts, build a wall on our southern border, and undermine peace around the world.

In response, many of Representative Tenney’s constituents will stand outside in silent protest against these genuinely deplorable actions of the White House and Republican Congress. They will hold a “Care for All” demonstration. They insist on making “Care for All” a non-negotiable priority here in New York’s 22nd Congressional district and everywhere in America. They stand for affordable healthcare, protecting Social Security, embracing diversity and supporting vulnerable members of society, safeguarding the environment, championing the needs of working families, and other values deeply embedded within our community. Demonstrators will be dressed in black and be silent. They will wear signs expressing their deepest concerns about the actions of President Trump, Representative Tenney, and the Republican Congress. Their protest will be silent but their message will be loud and clear.

What: A grass-roots demonstration in support of the values of our families, friends, and neighbors
Where: Campion Road near Cavallo’s, 40 Genesee Street, New Hartford, NY
When: Friday, April 28th 7:30 – 8:45pm
Who: Representative Tenney’s constituents who are concerned about refugees, health care, climate change, Russian interference with our democratic process, racial and sexual justice, and many other issues

Contact: Jen DeWeerth
Contact: Sarah Reeske